When we want to manifest something the old adage “fake it till you make it” is usually suggested.

“When you declare an intention and put the full weight of your commitment behind it, you initiate a magical process that works invisibly in the background of your life.”

Creating on Purpose
Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman

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I’m not really sure how any of us can fake feeling something we truly don’t feel or have never felt in our lifetime, so this suggestion is usually met with frustration, rolled eyes and then quickly brushed aside for the next suggestion. Recently I came across an idea that I have been practicing for quite some time with fabulous results. As with all new ideas it takes a while to shift the energy, but once we get rolling it can really produce results. And for those of you who are using frustration to break down your old box, this technique can help you along the way. The concept is this:

To Have something you must do and be the things that you need

To Be something you must have and do the things you need

To Do something you must be and have what you need

So how does it work? Here are a couple of examples:

To have a consistent income, do the things that bring in an income consistently and be consistent in each of those things. As a sales person you know you need to contact clients consistently, follow up consistently,and create and adhere to a work schedule consistently. But have you looked through the rest of your life to see where you are not consistent? Is your eating schedule consistent, your sleep schedule, your exercise schedule? Do you drink water consistently? All simple things, but the element of consistency is the key. Look for all the places where you are not consistent and become consistent. The energy of consistency will then permeate your life and attract to you consistency, ultimately manifesting in a consistent income.

To Be happy, do the things that make you happy and have the things that make you happy. Happiness is the ultimate joy in life. We are meant to be happy, yet so many of us aren’t. I see people constantly working a “job” that makes them miserable or stay in a relationship that creates misery. That misery leaks into the rest of their life. To Be happy do things that make you happy – daily. Have things in your life that make you happy – daily. Each day do something that makes you happy – call a fun friend, soak in a tub, buy a latte, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite show – each day find three small things that you can do or have that bring you happiness. This concept may start out with small things, but the more you find little pockets of happiness, the happier you feel. This ultimately manifests an inner core of happiness which then attracts more and more happiness to you.

I found this concept simple and straight forward. Once I decided what I wanted to create, I looked at my life to see where I was not doing, being or having the very thing I wanted. I started small and worked my way to more complex problems. Each time I created something I became more confident. I love this tool. It works and is so fun to apply.