Words are energy. Each time we speak we are telling the Universe what we want to experience.

The more we speak the stronger the energy gets. That energy acts as a magnet drawing to us more of the same. Have you noticed that certain people complain incessantly? Have you also noticed that those very same people have the most bizarre experiences or that things go wrong for them all the time? Every time they complain about something they are sending the energy of complaining out into the ethers and attracting more experiences to complain about. Like attracts like. Not just in relationships but in everything! When I pointed this out to a friend her response was “But I like to complain!” Really? What do you say to that? The good news is she is creating a world where she gets to do what she likes. All I could think to say was “Have at it, girl!” But if, like most of us, you have things happening in your life that you want to change, you have the power to do that just by changing your words.

Become very aware of your words, for they will create your experience, and your tomorrow.

What part of your life do you want to change most? Finances? Love life? Weight? Health? Listen to your conversations with your friends and co-workers. Become very present to the words and phrases you choose. What repetitive beliefs flow from your thoughts and out of your mouth as your day progresses? Here are some of the phrases I hear most:

Financial issues: Weight:
We’re just making ends meet I just can’t lose the weight
I can’t afford that This is going straight to the hips
I don’t have enough It’s so hard!
Relationship: Health:
He never listens to me I’m so tired
I can’t find what I want I always get sick
She has no time for me

But how do you turn the tide?

Become aware of your words and thoughts. Are your words creating what you want or reinforcing what already is? Begin in that moment to change what you say. Find other words, other thoughts and begin to use them in each moment that you become aware.

When thinking of new words and phrases, the key is the verb. When we say trying, we create trying, not success. When we say want, we create want, not have. Try saying “I am debt free.” Instead of “I want to be debt free.”

What do you want to create? Say it; over and over, like an affirmation. It may not be true right now, but right now what is true is a result of the words we have been using over the past weeks, months, even years! It takes time to change a pattern or a life situation, but

The more we change our words,

The more we state the new thought,

The more we reinforce the energy and belief,

The stronger the magnet becomes.

And that magnet begins to pull to us a new reality. Soon we begin to get traction and movement. Our words begin to create a new reality.

So what reality do you want to create?