“Expressing love to another is tricky at best….”

Love relationships are among the hardest relationships we have. While all relationships have some component of love, our significant other poses problems that are unique. We try each day to be sure he or she feels loved, yet we often make mistakes that we are unaware of. Each person is loved differently. Each receives love in their own way. While trying to love another we express our love in the way we want to receive rather than learning the way the other person needs. Finding what the other needs can be a scavenger hunt, following up on clues they leave through conversation or innuendo. Watching to see how they treat us or others may also reveal what they are looking for. While it would be easier to just ask, many cannot or will not answer. They truly may not know what they want or they may be afraid to ask for fear of rejection, disappointment or possible ridicule. Most of us are walking around in such a wounded state, that we have barriers, boundaries and protective devices so thick that most cannot get near. This poses the trickiest problem. How to let your significant other know how you feel in a way that they can receive with an open heart, truly feel your love and feel safe enough to return that love. Once we learn what they need and begin to offer it consistently, they can then return their love. It takes one person to make the initial move, to remain consistent even without the return of expression, to make a change in one’s relationship.

Are you willing to make that move and remain consistent?