Acceptance is a state of mind, a place to be that allows all things to manifest in their perfect timing

It is a way of living in a space of allowing all things to be as they are without judgment, without pushing, assessing or trying to make things happen. Allowing all others to be themselves without judgment. Allowing many of the things we want to happen NOW to happen with grace and ease or not at all, for this is the most difficult, allowing something to not happen, something that you so very much want to happen.

How do we live with an outcome that we do not want? Acceptance is being able to truly let go, let go in our hearts and let go in the physical world that which we want most. How to do this is an effort in allowing. Finding that place inside that says “I can live without this dream, this man/woman, this toy, this job”. But how do we get there? Can we find another dream or revamp the dream we have so it looks a bit different? Can we find something else that will satisfy our yearning? Many times we feel that the yearning we have has only one person, one way or one thing that will satisfy our desire, yet the Universe supplies many soul-utions to each problem, solutions that we humans cannot even fathom.

Let’s take a look at all the ways that humans succeed at allowing themselves to be swayed into the false belief that they can and will control their world. They are taught that if they just heal this issue or just align themselves to their wishes that all will magically happen, and many things can and do happen. But not all things that humans want to happen will, so being able to accept that some things cannot happen, will not happen and possibly shouldn’t happen is very trying for humans which creates much frustration and quite often pushes the very thing they want to happen further away. We are here to tell you that we have many ways of solving your problems with soul-utions that are far better than you dreamed and far simpler than you hoped. Allow us to help you with those solutions, they may not be what you have envisioned, but we promise you that the solution will suit your needs, wants and desires in a much higher way. We believe we are able to meet those needs and you will be very satisfied – smile…

Acceptance is a way of being that allows all things to be as they are. What does this mean from a practical stand point? In relationship allowing a person to be themselves. Do not try to change them. Go into relationship allowing them to put forth their best, guide them to understand your wants and needs, do not force it on them. Find a way to state your needs and then allow them to meet them. We are not saying to allow for injustice or abuse, but allow your mate to meet your needs on his or her terms, in his or her way. If this does not work for you then you must decide do you stay or do you go. No ultimatums. Go in your heart and find the solution that works for you. Be true to you. But allow them to be true to themselves. A compromise can be a solution if both parties come to the compromise with integrity. All must be accepted in a way that is true to the soul.

The world is rapidly changing with vibrations shifting and energies running at an all time high. Many feel the shifts but do not understand them therefore are responding to the energies in a powerful way, acting out, getting angry and fighting their old fights in a stronger way. This is not a good way for fighting the old fights keeps them alive and present in the world. Allowing, accepting that things happened as they did and moving forward in acceptance is a powerful way of releasing the old patterns. Forgiveness and release, let all the old ways go. For moving forward clean and clear of the old stories and the energy of the story is a way to lighten the load and lift the vibration. For lifting the vibration is the goal today. Being aware of all the old patterns and stories that keep the vibration low or stagnant is the way to start the process of clearing all out. Mind the thoughts, mind the actions and mind the emotions for all work together to keep the old stories alive.

It is our suggestion that all the old stories be written down and put in the trash. Discard them like old clothes, old roles, old self-images. Make a pact with your-self to throw away all the stories that you cannot change. Be aware of the stories that nag your thoughts. These are the ones to discard. Create new ones, new dreams, new hopes, new joys that bring you to your fullest manifestation. For manifestation is the goal of your soul. Move toward this goal in a manner that allows you to be fully yourself, the new you so to speak, accepting all that has happened and cannot be changed. Full acceptance is a powerful release of the old, allowing in the new, full of hope for freedom and peace.