Shamans Cindi Richard and Karen Roberts hosted“New Beginning Through Healing” on Sunday mornings at 9:30, a magical half hour of Shamanic Wisdom. They explore a simple yet powerful, wonderful and peaceful way to bring forth exciting changes in our lives. Once we learn how to connect to the power within that we all possess, amazing and surprising successes begin to happen.

You can listen to the podcasts here!

Visualization (Aired on 10/28/12)

Full Moon: Healing and Releasing (Aired on 10/21/12)

Benefits of Energy Healing and Relationships (Aired on 10/14/12)

Power of the New Moon: Creating and Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals (Aired on 10/7/12)

Omens & Synchronicities (Aired on 9/9/12)

Energy & Children (Aired on 9/2/12)