Learning to be a shamanic healer was the most exciting journey I have ever experienced.

“The path of a healer, of becoming a healer, is magical…”

I discovered more about what made me passionate, angry, fearful, anxious and excited than I had ever understood before. When I realized that my emotional traumas affect my day to day life, my pleasure, my pain and certainly my reactions to those around me, I had the distinct pleasure of healing those wounds and finding the joy of emotional peace. What a gift! While this deep personal journey was painful at times, it was also enlightening and hysterical at others. I met a wonderful group of people whom I still consider my closest friends, my tribe, my community.

After 13 years of learning and exploring, traveling the road of personal healing and opening to the joy of developing my healing gifts, I am now sharing that knowledge with a few students in the upcoming months.

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