Energy Healer Training Program (Year One)

Four Weekends per year; held once a quarter for three days

Energy Healer Training Program Goal:

The goal of the Energy Healer Training Program is to create a “healed healer” with strong, well developed intuitive abilities. The foundation of a powerful healer lies is his/her intuitive abilities. When working with energy, it is essential that the healer is able to access the unconscious energy of the client, be able to understand the blocks and to shift that energy into a higher form of energy.

It is also very important for a healer to be healed themselves. This powerful journey allows a healer to heal their wounded parts so that when they are healing others, they are working with clear intent and with/through the higher self.

As a participant it is important that you have a strong desire to heal and be willing to support others in the process as well.

Weekend One:
Develops your intuitive gifts which are the foundation of healing. Developing your intuitive skills, learning which of the four modalities is your strongest gift, and honing that gift is the focus of this session. You will learn to access your guides, your higher self, others guides, others higher selves, the Ascended Masters and Universal energy through meditation, psychometry, and a variety of tools. While developing your skills you will give and receive readings to hone this skill and build confidence.

Weekend Two:
Takes your intuitive development to the next level. You will learn the location, function and issues of each chakra which play a vital role in the health of the energy system. Through a variety of exercises you will learn to sense and read the energy of each chakra to determine if it is blocked or clear.

Through meditation we will clear each chakra of blocked energy thus beginning the healing process of the healer. This session will help you, the healer, to identify and heal some of the core issues that affect your life. As we begin the process of healing our wounds we walk the path of the “healed healer”.

Weekend Three:
Takes your healing and development deeper through hands on healing techniques. You will learn to access the energy of the chakras, intuitively read what is blocked and why, and how to extract the blocked energy. Once the blocked energy is removed you will learn to illuminate, close and balance the chakra.

This deeper form of healing will be taught in groups to allow each person to give and receive powerful healings, thus continuing the process of healing our own issues in preparation for working with clients.

The importance of protections cannot be stressed enough. Many levels of protection will be taught to provide both the healer and client with a “sacred space” in which to work.

Weekend Four:
Completes the first year with two healing techniques that will take your personal healing to a powerful level, releasing restrictive energy and old ties that no longer serve your growth. This session will provide you with deep personal healing and the tools to heal your clients in a profound way.

Practice / Community Development:
Throughout the year you will work in small groups to practice and hone your skills. The combination of practice, personal healing and community development will provide you with a foundation for healing both yourself and others.