Private Mentorship is an individual program, designed specifically for you.

Working in partnership, each session develops your intuitive and healing gifts at your pace.

Beginners will learn foundational skills for reading and healing. Through a series of interactive and experiential exercises you will learn to feel energy from a variety of sources. Developing a strong connection to Spirit, your guides, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Universal energy is the key to successful reading and healing skills. This connection will be promoted through direct experience.

Those with experience will take their skills to the next level learning advanced healing and reading techniques: extraction, illumination, journeying, channeling, past life regression techniques, soul retrieval and Akashic Record Clearing. This level will create a stronger, clearer connection to Spirit, hone your intuitive skills and develop a deep confidence in your abilities.

Your body is your greatest tool as a healer. Therefore keeping your energy bodies clear and in an optimal healed state will allow you to develop your skills at a more consistent rate. Each session, at either level, will include a Shamanic Energy healing that will remove blocks and fears to your growth, release old emotional wounds and patterns leading to a natural affinity to positive thoughts and responses.
This program allows you to work with your schedule, budget and time frame.

Contact Cindi for more information and pricing.