Shamanic Healer Training Program (Year Two)

Pre-requisite: Energy Healer Training Program (Year One)

Four Weekends per year; held once a quarter for three days

Shamanic Healer Training Program Goal:

The goal of the Shamanic Healer Training Program is multi-leveled. First, to build upon the first year’s training by further developing the intuitive abilities and to strengthen the connection to the higher realms. Second, to continue the work of becoming a “healed healer” by delving deeper into the wounds that hold us from being our most confident and powerful self, both as healers and in life.

In the Shamanic Healer Training Program we begin the work of the four directions and the healing skills of the shaman. Some of the powerful skills of the shaman include soul retrieval, ancestor or lineage healing, shadow work, and distant healing. These skills along with journeying to the lower worlds will be learned.

This year we also develop our mesa – the healing bag of coyias or healing stones – that is the heart of the shaman’s healing power. Initiation into the ancient world of shamans connects the student with their shamanic lineage.

Weekend One:
Session one begins with the Way of the Serpent – Death, Transmutation and Release. As with the Serpent, we will release many of the fears and blocks that bind and constrict us, keeping us in old patterns and worn out responses. We will learn two techniques that will help us to work with the energy of transmutation – transmuting lead into gold – the old into the new. By healing our deepest wounds we transform ourselves into compassionate healers.

Weekend Two:
This session we walk the Way of the Jaguar – Integrity, Courage in the Face of the Unknown and the Shadow. Jaguar takes us on a journey to the lower world in search of our lost soul parts and the return to a fully healed energy body. She takes us into the dark and into the light, healing our shadow parts and connecting us to the light of our soul. These techniques return us to a more fully healed soul, rewriting old soul contracts and stepping into our personal power more fully.

Weekend Three:
Session three takes us along the Way of the Hummingbird – Joy, Perseverance and Beauty. Our lives are full of limits placed upon us by family, society and ourselves. Releasing these limits, clearing karmic imprints and dead-end stories, frees us to be the expansive beings we are meant to be. We delve deep into our soul and fly the path of Hummingbird showing our gifts and talents to the world in a fully developed way.

Weekend Four:
In the final session of Level Two we travel through a symbolic death, journey to the world of becoming and complete our training as shamans. As we free ourselves of the fear of death and view the potential of the future we open ourselves to the full power of our soul. Distance healing is a technique that allows us to cross time and space, healing others in a profound way. In this final session we complete our journey with ceremony and initiation into the ancient wisdom traditions.

Practice / Community Development:
Throughout the year you will work in small groups to practice and hone your skills. The combination of practice, personal healing and community development will provide you with a foundation for healing both self and others.