Cutting cords can significantly change your relationships.

We all develop cords with those we are in relationship with. The energy that runs through those cords tells the other person how you want them to treat you, whether with respect or bullying, kindness or rudeness. Pulling the old cord withdraws the current message. Replacing the old energy with your new message can change the way other people respond to you.

Over the years I have worked with relationship issues between spouses, mother or father/child, co-workers as well as employee/employer. All relationships develop patterns that reflect our beliefs, fears and expectations. Once we can see how our fears or beliefs play out in our relationships we can cut the cords that keep that energy in place, playing out the pattern over and over. Quite often people change jobs or spouses in an effort to change the relationship pattern. While we may be changing the scenery we are still bringing along our fears, response patterns and beliefs into the next situation. “Wherever you go, there you are” is the adage that best describes this phenomenon. We bring along the same energy and the cording will now form with the new people and relationships. Until the cord is cut and both the energy and corresponding pattern is healed we repeat the same issues. Have you noticed that your relationships with men/women seem to be the same? That your co-workers or boss is still treating you the same way as the old one? That is because the energy of bullying, not being appreciated or not being heard is following job to job, relationship to relationship.

Once the old relationship pattern is healed, the cord is cut and new energy is put in place, our relationships can and do change.