Distance Healing brings the healing session to you.

Distance healing allows you to remain in the comfort if your home throughout the session. Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing and Life Coaching can all be done through distance, achieving the same results as you would in an in-person session. As an empath I feel emotions and energy as if they are my own. This gift is a strong tool in identifying energy blocks in a session. Whether we are together in person or connecting over the phone the process of feeling the energy works the same. It allows the healing session to come to you.

A distance healing session is the same process as a Shamanic Healing. The session begins with a discussion of the life area you most want to enhance – work, relationship, health or finances. As the conversation flows, patterns, fears, thoughts and beliefs begin to reveal themselves both physically and energetically. Even at a distance I can both feel and see the energy blocks in your emotional and physical body. In a shamanic session you lie on the healing table while in a distance session you sit in a comfortable chair or lie on your couch.  The comfort of being in your own home offers a sense of ease and peace. As I work to remove the blocks clients who are sensitive to the energies are able to feel the energy shifting. I have found that many of my clients prefer distance healing because they save the time of driving.

The results of each session are just as profound as an in-person healing.

The best part is that you are able to drift into meditation or sleep right after the session extending the blissful feeling until you are ready to re-engage with the world.