We will work together to create a consistent and definitive path to manifesting your goals and dreams.

Through regular healing work and consistent actions in your life, achieving your dreams and goals becomes fun and exciting. Each lifeĀ coaching session will include an assessment of where you are, what goal you would like to achieve and the fears and blocks that are keeping you from achieving your objectives.

We will begin by identifying a concrete overall goal along with interim goals that work toward achieving the ultimate outcome you would like to reach. Many know exactly where they want to go in life, others need help I finding a direction. We can work with either situation.

Once a goal is decided upon, we will outline a clear plan to reaching that outcome. We build in flexibility and growth to allow for the most fulfilling experience. Many of the steps you will need to take are easy. For those that stop you in your tracks or you find yourself procrastinating, will work through the fears and blocks so you can continue forward movement.

In each session we will continue to assess your progress and direction. This will allow you to add new ideas, grow your plan or keep to the current path. Having a coach and accountability partner facilitates consistent action and a dream that manifests more quickly.

Life coaching combined with energy healing is an effect way to build the life of joy and passion you have been dreaming of.