Shamanic energy healing helps you to live a life of joy and passion.

Cindi combines her gifts of sight, sense and listening to discover energy blocks, emotional traumas and limiting beliefs. She works with you to shift your energy to promote meaningful change and transformation initiating a new vibrant way of living. Cindi uses her shamanic techniques of extraction, illumination, soul retrieval, and energy scanning to facilitate powerful healing.

The session begins with a discussion of your intentions and concerns allowing a unique and personal healing experience. First you’ll decide the life area you most want to enhance – work, relationship, health or finances. As the conversation flows, patterns, fears, thoughts and beliefs begin to reveal themselves both physically and energetically. Each appear in the emotional and energetic body as blocked or stuck energy. Each act as a filter through which our lives are seen or colored. These energy blocks not only prevent us from moving forward in life, achieving our most treasured dreams and goals, but they also contribute to distorted thinking and negative self-talk.

A block begins its life at the moment of an emotional trauma. An emotional hit that’s taken by the emotional body and stored in the energy system as a reminder of the trauma. The block now becomes a magnet attracting more emotional hits that are similar. If not removed, this block or magnet continues this pattern, building in size and strength continually attracting hits and events. Some people attract so many similar situations that they become desensitized to the emotional hits. They begin feeling that it is normal to be treated or spoken to in a certain manner or fully expecting failure or even reacting the same way over and over.

Once the blocks reveal themselves, they can be removed through a process called extraction. This process extracts the stuck energy from the emotional and energetic body. With the removal of the block or magnet, the energy body is then free to respond differently or to expect different results. The hole that is left by removing the block is then filled with new energy through a process called illumination. The new energy is called forth from the Universal energy source and channeled into the hole in the emotional body filling it completely. The energy that fills the hole is the vibrational opposite of the energy removed. For example: if we removed the energy of being bullied, the new energy would be one of respect or strength or support or even kindness. This may take one healing or several depending on the depth and length of the pattern. Each healing shifts the vibration of the energy body away from the old pattern and toward a new, more supportive way of living. With each step away from this pattern we naturally attract people and situations into our lives that respond to the new energy. Those who were responding to the old energy may shift their response to us or if they can’t they naturally fall away from our energetic circle.

In a session, one or more chakras may be cleared of emotional blocks or beliefs. Once cleared all 7 chakras are then filled with a similar new energy thus aligning the whole body. The session closes with a discussion of the new energy and its potential to shift your world and what that may look like along with suggestions of affirmations, self-healing techniques and meditations that will facilitate continued healing.