Soul Retrieval calls back those soul parts that we lose through trauma.

This healing technique calls back or retrieves the soul parts that we lose through trauma. Certain life traumas cost us a piece of our soul. Once the soul part leaves, we create internal contracts with ourselves that affect our response to life situations in an effort to protect ourselves. That contract will affect us positively in the beginning and is useful for a period of time, but inevitably we outgrow the need for it, in which case it becomes a detriment to our growth.

A soul retrieval heals the old wound, by looking at the trauma from an energetic standpoint. Through a meditative journey, you are guided back to the moment of the original trauma so that you can view what soul part or parts were lost, the beliefs that formed and the subconscious response patterns that began.

Once this experience is seen and understood, you are then guided to view the contracts that formed in response to the original trauma. As you release these old contracts, the energy, thoughts and beliefs are healed.

Creating or writing new supportive contracts brings the new healed state into the subconscious anchoring in a new vibration and forming a more fully healed energy body thus changing our response to life situations.