Energy Healing

Energy healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates or shifts our emotional and energetic body toward balance. A balanced energetic body facilitates the physical body’s innate healing mechanisms.

The energy healing modality that I use is Shamanic Energy Healing.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing works with a person’s energy body: the aura and the chakras. When your chakras are open and energy is flowing freely through your body it balances your energetic body. This balanced flow of energy assists you in maintaining mental clarity, emotional balance and physical health. Your beliefs, thoughts, behavior patterns and fears determine how open or blocked your energy centers are. When these energy centers are blocked we feel sick, pain, lethargy, tired, anxiety, fear, sadness and despair.

Energy healing is an effective way of clearing energy blocks by releasing old beliefs, thoughts, fears, and emotional traumas and out dated behavior patterns. With this release and clearing your emotional and physical body can be healed. Pain, illness, anxiety and fear diminish with each healing. Physical health returns and emotions become balanced.

What is a Chakra?

There are 7 energy centers within the physical body called chakras. Through the chakras the healer can access the subconscious where our fears, beliefs, traumas and thoughts reside.

What is the Aura?

The aura is our energy body. It surrounds the physical body and extends out approximately 2 and half feet. This is approximate because we are able to pull it in or push it out further if needed. As we walk through our world our auras brush against others auras picking up their energetic debris. Keeping our auras clear is as important to our health as showering daily. While energy healing provides a deep clearing, personal clearing can be done daily through smudging, aura clearing sprays and sea salt baths.

Who will Benefit? Anyone with the following symptoms:

Physical Emotional Spiritual
Headaches Anxiety Ungrounded
Low back pain Fear Feeling Alone
Neck pain Anger Lack of Trust
Low energy Excessive Worry
Insomnia Grief

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing?

Increased Energy Emotional Balance Grounded
Increased Health Happiness Connectedness
Better Sleep Mental focus Self-acceptance
Relief from Pain Excited about Life Trust
Better Relationships Contentment
Ability to achieve your life goals and dreams!

We will work together to discover the area where you feel most frustrated or blocked. Working in your energy centers we can find the blocked energy and release it.

What are Energy Blocks?

Energy blocks are created in our physical, emotional and energetic body through trauma and difficult life situations. These blocks are created when we hold our emotions inside, hold negative or limiting beliefs, live with fear as a constant companion, or live our life by others expectations instead of our own and when we do not speak up for ourselves.

What are Some of the Signs of Blocked Energy?

  • Some of the most common signs include:
  • Physical pain such a low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain
  • Low energy, insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Boredom, lack of focus and inability to achieve the things you want most in life.
  • Feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear, worry and anger.

What Happens Once the Energy is Released?

Once the energy blocks are released, our life force energy is free to flow through our physical and energetic body, creating physical health and emotional peace.

What is the Importance of Energy Healing?

The importance of energy healing is to consistently release energy blocks from your body. As we make changes in life or set new goals, old hurts, beliefs and thought patterns rise to the surface of our consciousness to be cleared. The ones that come up are the very ones that are blocks to our growth and progress. If we want to achieve our dreams and goals, these emotional blocks must be released. Without releasing the blocks, we continuously fall short of our goals, creating frustration and anger, which we then shove to the back of our minds. In reality we are shoving it into our emotional bodies. Everyone shoves it to a place that works for them. For example a construction worker may shove it to his lower back which will result in throwing his back out. An office worker will shove it to their wrist thus creating carpel tunnel. We all shove it to a place that will call the emotional issue to our attention, forcing us to slow down and take the time to look at why we have pain. All physical pain has an emotional root. The root is not too much typing or picking up something the wrong way. The root is the unresolved emotion of a life trauma or disappointment that we have not dealt with and continue to avoid dealing with.

What is the Process of Energy Healing?

We will work together to identify the area that you feel most frustrated or blocked. Then we will find the thought process, the belief or the behavior that creates this block. While lying comfortably on a healing table or sitting in a comfortable chair I will scan your energy centers – chakras – to find the block. I work 5 to 6 inches above the body on the table or 12 to 15 inches along the body while sitting in a chair. The energy can be read easily in either process. Once the energy block is found it is removed gently and quickly. For those who feel energy it feels a bit tingly. There may be a feeling of heat or a flush of heat as your life force energy begins to flow through your body. New clear, white energy is then infused into your now clear chakra. After releasing the energy block we will work together to create a new way of thinking, feeling and reacting so that you feel strong and healthy.

But Does it Hold?

Yes, it not only holds but you will see relief of symptoms, feel lighter and happier.

How Often do you Need to do an Energy Healing?

That is the decision of the client. Many choose to do regular work – monthly or bi-monthly. Those clients find that their health, energy and life situations are constantly improving. Others choose to do a session as they feel they need it. Either way you will feel better each time you do a healing.