Manifesting your dreams and goals is fun and exciting.

The Inspirations page offers various tools and techniques that will increase your ability to manifest. As I learn and test various techniques of manifesting and healing through my own life experience and that of my clients I will share what I have found works.

The better we become at manifesting, the more enjoyable life can be. Some techniques work easily. Others need fine tuning, such as The Law of Attraction. Fine tuning our understanding of the nuances of this and other Universal Laws gives us the ability to manifest our dreams and goals more quickly. The information I will share in the Inspirations section includes suggestions on how to apply the Laws, success stories, examples and practical application of the tools.

Becoming aware of our triggers, needs, fears and unconscious actions provides us with the self-knowledge we need to figure out why a tool or technique is not working. Healing the pattern or emotional wound clears the blocks to achieving success in life whether that success is a happy love life, financial independence or physical health. This section offers exercises, meditations, tools and books to help you develop and strengthen your gift of manifesting and heal the blocks to achieving a life of happiness and joy.


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Recommended Reading

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