Past Life Regression heals the soul of fears, phobias and unconscious reactions.

Past life regression is a form of energy healing that heals the root cause of many life patterns, both conscious and unconscious. We come into this life with unconscious memories of the events of all our lives. Because of those memories we react to life in ways that may not make sense, such as a fear of dogs when there has never been a life incident that caused the fear. By experiencing a past life and healing the emotional wound, we can change our response to life and bring clear understanding of who we are in this life. Not all emotional patterns or life responses are a result of the events of this life. If a pattern began in early childhood and has no apparent root or cause there is a possibility that that an event or life situation from one of your past lives is the root of the pattern.

For those who just want to experience a past life, the regression experience is easy and relaxing. You will be guided through a meditation to the past life to see and experience that life through your own subconscious memories.