So how can we be on the vibrational wave length with our desire?

“When your life experience causes a focused desire within you, the means to fulfill that
desire is created at the same time – but you have to be on the Vibrational wavelength
with your desire in order to see the path to the fulfillment of it.”
Getting into the Vortex – Ester and Jerry Hicks

visualize your dreamFirst and foremost we need to be sure the desire is one of the heart and not of the head; one that we can truly feel inspired and passionate about, not the feeling that we “should.” That passion and that desire fuels our intention and our focus to work through fears, overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of doubt. Only passion and desire can drive us to the finish line. But how do we keep the passion burning and the desire aglow when fear and doubt plague us? Meditation and visualization are two powerful tools that can keep those flames burning. Have you ever experienced new love? How does it feel when you spend time thinking about this person? Doesn’t it bring you out of the doldrums quickly? Imagining that you are with the person and feeling the joy and excitement will break the cloud of doubt quite quickly. This same feeling can be conjured in meditation while visualizing your dream, your vision and its success. Taking the time to visualize the final outcome – living in your dream home, being with your dream guy or achieving the goals you have set creates the passion and joy you need to take the next step in your day.

Are you willing to make the commitment to yourself and your dream by visualizing the joy of success daily?